28 Tips for Teenagers

Life Skills That Fast Track Success

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About the Book

Every teenager can reach their full potential, especially if they make the most of their opportunities. In 28 Tips for Teenagers Craig Goddard identifies a range of simple yet powerful skills that can have a big impact in supporting teenagers to achieve their personal goals.

Many teenagers don't realise that the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. The tips and techniques in this book are simple, straighforward and easy to implement, but will help launch teenagers on a road to personal and professional success.

Skills You'll Learn

All of Craig's tips are drawn from his personal experience - in the schoolyard, in business and in life - and include how to:

  • Deal with your time at school
  • Speak and act in front of people
  • Create a plan for life after school
  • Find guidance and support
  • Fast track your progress
  • Achieve outcomes with polite persistence

About the Author

Craig Goddard

Craig Goddard is a successful business owner, speaker and teenage mentor and advisor, who shares people based skills and practical tips with teenage audiences.

What People are Saying

"Everyone deserves their best shot at success. In this book Craig shares 28 practical and helpful tips to help achieve your best. This book is a must read for every teenager and adult."

- Billy Brownless Media Personality and Former AFL Player

"If you choose a job or career you like, present yourself well, work hard and continue to look for opportunities anyone can be successful. How you conduct yourself plays a big part and in this book there are many suggestions that will help you make the most of your opportunities."

- Lindsay Fox Businessman and Owner of Linfox Transport

"There had been great interest in your talk from the day it went ‘live’ on our website. Helping, encouraging and motivating our teenagers to prepare them for their future is always an area parents seek help and guidance. You certainly present clear, easily understood and very sensible suggestions that are achievable for young people. The audience at Waurn Ponds was obviously interested and engaged, as shown by the large number of questions they asked."

- Olivia Simaitis Waurn Ponds Branch Librarian

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What Comes After School? - School Career Sessions

By sharing the lessons he’s learnt from working with generations of teenagers, Craig encourages students not to make rushed or impulsive study and career decisions, but rather to research, seek guidance to get the best outcome.

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28 Tips for Teenagers


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